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Secure, Insulated Domestic & Business Storage Carmarthen.

The site boasts 24-hour HD CCTV, dusk to dawn security lights, security fencing, and the management resides on-site!

We have a number of insulated and secure storage units together with a large concrete/tarmacadam yard.

Warehouse Containers

storage carmarthenshireThe dimensions are 7 feet 6 inches (2300mm) in height by 5 feet (1524mm) in width with a depth of 7 feet (2133mm).

They are airtight keeping your property dust-free. They have a maximum weight limit of 1000kgs

Managed secure storage Carmarthen

Our storage is ideal for items that you won’t need regular access too. You may however access your container by prior appointment.

There is, however, a small charge for this service.

The safe storage of your property is of paramount importance to us. Below is a simple guide on how to prepare your pack.

  • Use strong cardboard boxes. Used boxes are cheaper and benefit the environment
  • Remember to fill your boxes and wrap fragile items in old newspaper or bubble wrap. Half empty boxes will collapse when other items are placed on top.
  • Remember to tape the boxes closed using quality packing tape.
  • Label your boxes as you’ll never remember what’s inside!!
  • When stacking your boxes place the heavy ones at the bottom and light ones on top.
  • Ensure that all gaps are filled in the warehouse crate to prevent items toppling over in transit or when being manoeuvred in our warehouse.
  • Wrap fragile items of furniture/pictures in packing blankets.
  • Never overload a warehouse container. The maximum weight is 900kgs.
  • No flammable chemicals or gas are to be stored under any circumstances.
  • Remember insurance! If you deem your items to be valuable, then please ensure that you have sufficient insurance cover.

Telgwen can supply you with packing materials such as carboard boxes, tapes, and bubble wrap.

 Contact us for further details.

Our premises are protected by 24-hour HD CCTV, security lights, robust security fencing, and the management reside on-site!

No members of the public are allowed on site unless accompanied by a member of staff.                       

We pride ourselves in providing a personal service and appreciate that sometimes clients need to contact us urgently. To accommodate this we are contactable at any time of the day throughout the entire year! This is particularly relevant to the live entertainment industry. If its urgent don't hesitate to contact us at any time of the day.

Cysylltwch gyda ni 7 diwrnod yr wythnos.
Contact us 7 days a week.


Blaen-Y-Coed Road,
SA33 6EG

Phone- 01267 281472
Mobile (24hrs)- 07527 359 253

e-mail: telgwen@btinternet.com

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